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Welcome, and more importantly congratulations! You’ve obviously arrived here because you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer to create images of your amazing wedding day somewhere in this fantastic world.

We are Joe and Kari, and we’ve worked with couples in Iceland, Belize, Cancun, Alaska, and many of the United States. It is not the destination that drives us, really. It’s the images and the vibe from each that is so amazing!

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destination wedding photographer
iceland elopement photographer
iceland elopement photographer
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iceland elopement photographer
destination wedding photographer

Wedding photography in a beautiful destination can be an affordable and memorable part of your wedding plans. Traveling to a beautiful location to be married is like a fairy tale. You've waited to be married, found the one you love, and now it's time to plan.

Dream on...

Maybe your dream is a white sand beach with palm trees and soft ukulele music. Maybe it’s mountains with miles of vast landscapes with only the sound of the wind and the smell of the pines to accompany you. It may also be a remote island, untouched by tourism that draws you.

Whatever your dreams are, don’t let them drift away.

destination wedding photographer

Unique and affordable

A destination wedding doesn't cost as much as you may think, in fact it's usually much less than having a traditional wedding. You'll save a lot of money, and have a fantastic getaway with the one you love...!

iceland elopement photographer

A little about us...

Not only are we adventure elopement photographers, we are adventurers and we love the outdoors.

Our time is taken with being outside enjoying the wildernesses, forests, and oceans that this amazing world has to offer. Living in the mountains has taught us a healthy respect for being outside and treating wild places with care. In our spare time we rock climb, hike, fly fish, run, and mountain bike.

Most importantly we are parents, and love our two boys more than anything. It's humbling to watch two people grow into amazing individuals and we can't wait to see what they are going to add to this world.

Why choose us as your destination wedding photographer?

Flexibility, affordability, kindness, integrity. These are what we bring with us on every shoot.

Aside from Iceland, Mexico, and the continental U.S., we have traveled on our own time and ambition to France, Italy, Cabo, Belize, Alaska, and Hawaii. We are no strangers to travel and we are ready to pick up and go when you are.

No strangers to traveling...

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Parting words...

In the end, after all of the confetti has been thrown, the champagne is empty, everyone is tired, and you've gone home...

The only things you'll have to remember your day with are memories and photographs.

Make them both count.