joe and kari pyleJoe Pyle Photography is Joe and Kari Pyle, a husband and wife elopement and wedding photography team. Based in northern Colorado, we love taking couples out on adventures for their wedding day. Spending time in Rocky Mountain National Park has been a pastime since we moved here from the midwest in 2013 to start photographing elopements and weddings. 

Our photography revolves around adventure and being outside. We have been present to elopements that are just the four of us, as well as weddings that are over two hundred folks, from 12,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, to the beaches of Iceland and Mexico.

If you have questions about our wedding photography, please contact us anytime. It would be our pleasure to visit with you about how we can all work together to create a memorable, beautiful day in pictures.

fearless award


Yes, we have won some awards, but that is far down the list of why we do what we do. We have a passion for creating images that show you where you’ve been. Immense landscapes and intimate beautiful moments combine to create images that reflect how  your day unfolded. 

We not only work for beautiful brides and grooms here in the mountains of Colorado, we also travel to breathtaking, worldwide destinations to create real, authentic, beautiful images.

We look forward to accompanying you two to create images that you will cherish forever. All of the edited images will be on an online gallery with free digital downloads as part of the total package. You can share it with friends and family that want to see it, favorite images, and download too!

If you have questions, concerns, or just want to get in touch with us don’t hesitate! Use the form below!


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