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Worldwide Adventure Elopements

Saving thousands of dollars never felt so good!

adventure elopement photographer


Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting! We are the adventure elopement photographer team at Pyle Photography.

That’s right, TEAM!

On your day, both of us will be with you. In our experience, two photographers are better than one on an elopement day. We can carry enough equipment to shoot creatively, chat comfortably without a “third wheel”, and most importantly we can get a lot more beautiful images. This will also ensure that each moment is captured at exactly the same time.

Is there really a better way to get the exact same moment at the exact same time?

This is how we’ve photographed over three hundred couples together. Honestly, after photographing this way for so long, neither one of us could “go back” to doing it solo!

Our style of photography is complimented by each other’s work and we have been working together since 2015 and married since…well, let’s just say we’ve been together for a while too.

adventure elopement

An adventure elopement is...

...a way to forego the traditions of a typical wedding. It's a time for the two of you to share in an adventure in a place you've dreamed of being, say your vows, and enjoy each other's company. Imagine the stories you'll have to tell your friends and family upon your return!

We have been present to a many, many elopements both here in Colorado and elsewhere and each and every couple has said the same thing: "This is the best decision we've made". It's pretty clear why, too. The time together, the amazing location, and the money saved all add up to a fantastic, affordable day with the one you love.

adventure elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer

Adventure Elopement Photographer

Colorado | Iceland | Alaska | Cancun

Here’s a big number: $31,000.

That is the average cost of a Colorado wedding as of 2019! That’s about $225 per person attending for an average wedding in Colorado. While we are totally excited for big gatherings of friends and family, that number is a scary one. Here’s a fantastic alternative: hire an adventure elopement photographer team to go with you to your dream location, have a small ceremony that will be memorable and absolutely gorgeous, (think: Cancun, Iceland, Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica, etc.) then have a massive party when you return home. If this sounds like your idea of a great way to save thousands, then we should start a conversation!

adventure elopement photographer

colorado elopement photographer


Do you crave adventure, seeing new places, and exploring?
Are you up for a hike to say your vows?
Are you excited about huge landscapes and deep forests?
Does the thought of a new place to adventure make your heart skip a beat?
Are your "go-to" shoes hiking boots?
Do you want to save thousands of dollars?

adventure elopement photographer

What is an adventure elopement photographer?

Briefly, an adventure elopement photographer is someone, or in our case a married couple, who are are no strangers to being outside in rugged places and love sharing them with couples on the day of their elopement. We take care of everything from guiding you to the perfect place for your vows, mitigating risk, getting you a list of "must haves" for the day, and even bringing the champagne.

In order for your day to go smoothly, the four of us will co-author a beautiful day together. This will ensure that your elopement will be about the two of you! We manage this with a few simple steps:

  • Our initial contact is made via email or our contact form.
  • We send you a twenty point questionnaire to better understand your wishes for the session with questions such as:
    • Where would you like to elope, or would you like us to find a place for you?
    • How many days do you plan on being there?
    • How far would you like to hike?

Once we receive your details we’ll have a consultation, either in person, online, or over the phone.

When all of the information is gathered, we are in possession of a better way to tell your story. We have a location, a timeline, and a good sense of what we’re going to do for your session. Once we have poured over all of the information, we will start to plan. We’ll send over our suggestions, thoughts, and what we think will work the best for the two of you.


What would your day look like if it were up to you?

An elopement like this should be fun and simple, but most importantly, it should be about you two. That’s what we love most about them. It’s a chance for the two of you to share in an adventure together in a very special place, on an incredibly special day and have it captured in time with amazing images.

Give it some thought, and if it seems like we’re a good fit, get in touch. We’d love to at least start a conversation.