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What we love:

  1. People who are kind and thoughtful. Hatred and discrimination have no place in our lives. All of us could learn a lot from people who just…love people. 
  2. Oceans and beaches. We can’t get enough of our mountains, but maaaannn if we could live on a beach somewhere you may never hear from us again!
  3. Cats. (I know, unpopular!) Cats are easy. Give them some food and water and we can be gone for days. Not to mention the laughter! (Have you ever scared a cat?? It’s hilarious!!)
  4. Activity. If we don’t get outside on a daily basis we turn a little weird. We are avid bikers, hikers, rock climbers, backcountry skiers, and runners and we love the outdoors.
  5. Wine and whiskey. Yes.
  6. Music. Our home is constantly filled with great music. Folk, rock, rap, reggae, latin, salsa, acoustic guitar, EDM, and funk populate our Spotify and it’s usually pretty loud.
  7. Photography. I know it sounds a little off, but we love photography. It is our full time job and when we travel in our spare time we always have a camera firing away.
  8. Learning. We love the learning process and don’t like the term “professional photographer” because it takes away from the love of photography. The word “amatuer” comes from the root “amore” and means “to love”. 
  9. Couples who care about their photos. If you just want “someone to take pictures of your day” at the lowest possible cost, you should probably hire a friend to work with you. If you want photos that are cared for, well thought, well lit, beautiful, artistic, and fun, let’s keep talking.

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