Wendy and Kelly | Estes Park Engagement

Have you ever met someone, felt a little cautious, started to get to know them a little, then realize you really could’ve been yourself from the start? That’s how it was the other day with these two. We actually met them a while ago and had some coffee to discuss their wedding in October. After visiting with them they decided to have us photograph their engagement and their wedding. We’re totally honored and really looking forward to it.

We got out the other day to shoot their engagement pictures here in Estes Park. Here’s a few…

wendy and kelly wendy and kelly wendy and kelly wendy and kelly wendy and kellywendy and kelly

Wendy and Kelly, we can’t wait to be there with you guys at your wedding. It will be fantastic, and from what I’ve heard, maybe even a little crazy. Perfect.

Everyone else- please share this with as many people as you can so these two can get some love. Cheers!

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