Every adventure session, engagement, elopement, wedding, and portrait session gets a ride in Vegas, the Joe Pyle Photography adventure van!

On our FB page the other day, a wonderful former bride asked us to put together a video of our van so she could see how we’ve built it out. While I hesitate to create a video of myself, I’ve actually had this blog post drafted for several months, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, and now is a good time to go ahead and roll it out! This post is going to highlight a very special feature that almost every session gets – a ride in Vegas, our RAM Promaster van. We have built it out with a couch, a table with seating for four that folds into a queen bed, a stove, a sink/faucet, and plenty of extra space to just chill out while we travel. It has been such a great time to be able to get to know each of our clients during our drive in to RMNP and we wanted to show you all what you’re “up against” when you book with us. Our adventure sessions and our elopements have really taken off and we’re really excited to offer a guided “tour” of our National Park along with our sessions. It really makes a difference to be comfortable while we’re all together! You’d be surprised how many corks have been popped, bottles opened, and cans have been enjoyed in here while with our couples! Keep in mind that the photos we have here are more candids than anything. The editing is not perfect, nor is the composition. The moments, however, are perfect! Enjoy!

vegas the van

Just looking sexy in RMNP

We thoroughly enjoyed the van with Suzie and Marnie on their wedding day!

After dark in RMNP

vegas the van

Amy and Peter on one of our adventure sessions in RMNP

The perfect place to enjoy your own bottle of champagne! 

The amount of marriage licenses that have been signed in here is amazing!

Getting set up for a trip into RMNP

Here’s a few images of the interior living space:

The queen bed breaks down into a table for four!

I also posted a video on our Facebook Page Here to walk you through everything. I built 90% of the interior of this van by hand. If you have questions about it let me know. It’s all run by two solar panels on top and has a gas powered furnace.

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