Sam Fathallah Portrait

Sam Fathallah is an accomplished filmmaker living in the Cedar Rapids area of the Corridor with several amazing short films to his credit. His work can be seen on his site here. I knew I would be working with Sam, so I went to his site to see some of his projects. His piece on “Love” had my whole family taken from what they were doing and watching, intently.

It’s one thing for someone to make great films that move people in new and positive ways, thankfully this happens a lot. It’s groundbreaking when a young gent in high school is doing it. Sam is going into the twelfth grade in Cedar Rapids! After visiting with him for just a few minutes I could see that he was a solid, confident guy with a big future. It was really a pleasure to visit with Sam and I’m quite glad there are people like him around that represent our corridor well. The shots below are from a portrait session I had with him at the CSPS building in Cedar Rapids. Sam has spent a lot of time here and it’s only fitting that we met here. After shooting a little while, we realized the light outside was good, so we went to the top floor and found a big empty room with huge windows. More after the shots….

sam fathallah

sam fathallah

sam fathallah

The top shot was from inside the “Black Box Theater” where he has shown a few of his films. I found the light in there hard to deal with. (hence the name) It’s pretty dark in there. The screenshot behind him is from one of his movies, “Dream”. The next two shots are upstairs in the giant studio room with perfect light. The bottom shot is pretty “blown out”, but these type of portraits are what I really like because they are so honest. Sam is a really pleasant guy and it shows in his eyes.

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