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We drove a fair distance and saw much to capture this Red Feather Lakes wedding!


Dirt roads, antelope, jackrabbits, skulls, tall rock pinnacles, and mosquitoes. It was worth every minute of it. Tyler and Danielle were friendly, courteous, and had an interesting style that photographed well. They had their day thought out a long time before it happened and it really showed.
Their non-traditional wedding took place on her grandparents acreage in Northern Colorado on a beautiful day full of stellar views, plenty of laughter, an amazing setting, and a lot of interesting people. This couple’s enthusiasm was inspiring and being part of their day was an honor.

Getting there was the tricky part. From Estes Park (as the crow flies) it would’ve been about an hour away, but we had to go up through Wyoming then back down into Colorado. I was glad to have a truck with four wheel drive.


Kari and I met Tyler and Danielle at Loveland Aleworks to see if we were a “good fit” and immediately hit it off. They are a fun couple with a great future together. It was a pleasure working with them and we look forward to hearing about their new lives together.

We routinely meet with our clients and potential clients if possible. Skype, Google Hangout, and Facetime have our world connecting so much easier. Meeting with people is a large part of our business and we want to make sure that we “click”. It would be a shame to share a very special day with someone who doesn’t. If you have a date set and would like to meet with a photographer, get in touch. I usually respond within a few hours and would love to discuss your needs and your style.

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