Marketing Portrait

March 4, 2013

Marketing Portrait : Joe Pyle Photography

There are several reasons to get a good marketing portrait made. How many of us are on LinkedIn or Google+ and have someone who wants to be a contact that has the default, two color, “schmutz” headshot as their profile. Point at your screen and yell “WHO ARE YOU?”. Then do yourself a favor and look at your own profile pic. Is it good? Does it show your real character? Is it a clear representation of who you want to be? Is it the dreaded two color “schmutz” shot?

Over the past month I’ve taken a new approach to marketing and ¬†photography. I’ve decided to work with people on the price of the shoot so that I can get more publicity and more of a web presence. Some may say that I’m “selling out”, or “dude, get paid what you’re worth”. I believe that what I’m doing is creating more worth than if I were to pocket cash. Investing in my business is worth more to me right now than the amount of money I’d pocket for a shoot. If you want to know how much I’d charge for a portrait session, go here to my pricing page. Now, if you want to know the deal I’m prepared to give, contact me via email at [email protected]. The following people have had their portrait made recently and I’ve had a great time meeting them and learning about their endeavors. The first is Troy Miller, of Koala Pay.


Another recent portrait I’ve made is Andrew Sherburne of FilmScene.

your portrait

The reason I am putting this post out there is to offer you, the reader, an opportunity to get a image made. I am interested in working with you and will get you a shot you can use, or we’ll do it again. Let me know!! Peace!