Marissa and Michael's Engagement Session at Hermit Park

Before any of us jump into anything in this rollercoaster of life, we need to know what we’re up against. Sometimes you just “know” right away if a situation is good or not. When Kari and I pulled up to Marissa and Michael’s car, we knew right away-this was going to be such a good time. These two are laid back, honest, and real-each characteristic being hard to find these days.

Marissa and Michael will be married next year and we will be there with them for their wedding in RMNP. We can’t wait, especially after spending a few hours with them.

We walked the trails at Hermit Park and found new and exciting places to photograph, which was especially cool now that RMNP is currently closed.

After we got back in our car and were driving the winding switchbacks back down to the entrance we looked at each other and, almost in the same breath, said

“how in the %&$@ do we end up working with such beautiful, kind, and fun people!”

Our worldview would to be incredibly skewed if all we got to do was our photography because the people we work with are just genuine, fantastic people.

Marissa and Michael, thanks again. We loved hanging out with you two and next time we see you be ready for some crushing hugs that you won’t soon forget!

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