Karim Malek portrait

The other day I had the great privilege of creating portraits of Karim Malek. If you haven’t heard of Karim, chances are you’ve seen his work. He is a professor of Bio-Medical Engineering at The University of Iowa. Along with his team, he is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in robotics and human simulation. He is also an author, with his book being published shortly by one of the premier publishers in the field.

Karim Malek portrait

Just one of his endeavors include Virtual Soldier Research. “VSR” is a group of highly skilled biomedical engineers who have developed a virtual human named Santos. Santos has been advantageous to all four branches of the military for research and development. He is also the Director for the Center for Computer Aided Design, CCAD.

Karim Malek portrait

I’ve known Karim for a few years now through my brother-in-law who has worked extensively with him and his projects. He is a great guy who has a lot going on. Not only is he very busy with his several different work projects, he is also husband and father with a wonderful family here in Iowa City.

I’m excited to say that I’m now working with a group of courageous individuals here in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Corridor called  “Iowa’s Creative Corridor”, and I will be helping to bring to light a lot of people who make this area great with the work they do. Whether it be computer aided design, photography, web design, or any other creative outlet, the “corridor” has a body of unique creatives that rivals that of the more well known “hubs” for technology and startups. I look forward to meeting them as I work together with a wonderful team to showcase the local talent. Soon you will hear our corridor in the same breath as Portland, Austin, and Seattle.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please stay tuned as I’ll be posting a lot of different types of creative people from our area. It will be great for me to meet these people and to be further inspired! Hopefully you will be as well. Cheers!