Iowa City Portrait Session with Troy Miller of Koala Pay

If you ever use your credit card to make purchases, chances are you will hear about Troy Miller and Koala Pay soon. Troy and his team are changing the way credit works by helping the merchant gain the trust and understanding of their clients. Instead of giving a huge dividend to the major card companies, they skip them, and then use that savings to pass the benefit on to you and I. It is an app for your smartphone that you should check out if you are tired of using credit to make purchases. Troy needed some  portraits for his profile on several of his social media sites and his work bio. I was happy to help. We walked around Iowa City, found some interesting backgrounds, and chatted about life. He’s a good guy with a big heart. Enjoy the shots.


iowa city portrait

iowa city portrait

iowa city portrait


Thanks for stopping by, and if you are looking for someone to take your Iowa City portrait, let me know! I’d love to help.