hotel budir wedding photographer

Hotel Budir Wedding Photography

All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling At One Of Iceland's Most Iconic Landmarks


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We are Joe and Kari. Our passion for beautiful images has taken us to Iceland, Alaska, Mexico, and a lot of the western United States. In our past together, we have captured hundreds of weddings for beautiful couples, each with a grand story to tell. We bring years of our own marriage to each elopement and wedding, understanding what is and what will be important in the future.

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Hotel Budir Wedding Photographer

Thinking of having a destination wedding in Iceland? Get in touch if you need a Hotel Budir wedding photographer that knows the area.

hotel budir wedding photographer

The Black Church...

The world famous Black Church of Budir sits on the property of the Hotel Budir and they are within walking distance from each other. The wedding celebrations here are nothing short of spectacular. Upon completion of the ceremony, you are able to have a beautifully arranged room for your reception, then stay the night in the hotel. It's a winning situation for the entire wedding party.

Getting there...

Getting to Budir is nearly effortless. In just over two and half hours of fantastic driving through gigantic fjords and quaint towns, you'll arrive at the small area of Budir, where the lovely hotel resides, nestled next to the North Atlantic ocean to the west.

Once you arrive, you will immediately feel at ease as you walk in and are greeted by some of the kindest, most helpful people.


Fine dining, outstanding views, fantastic accommodations, and a plethora of things to do throughout the day will make you never want to leave.

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black church of iceland

hotel budir wedding photographer

Something to ponder...

After all is said and done on a wedding day, all you'll have left is memories and photos.

Make both of them count.