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Elopements in the future : Joe and Kari Pyle : Colorado photographers

What we think the future holds for the wedding industry...

In this current time, with the COVID-19 quarantine and "social distancing", it has given us a bit of time to reflect on what we think is happening in the wedding industry. While large scale, venue weddings are beautiful and full of magic, the trend looks to be going in the opposite direction. We are not opposed to these more elaborate weddings in any way, quite the contrary, we happen to love crowds, dances, and huge celebrations.


It looks like elopements will be the next big thing...

This is one of the images from an elopement of ours. As you can see, this was absolutely stunning! There were five people total at this elopement, which were Mallory, Brian, Mallory's friend, and us two photographing.

What we think elopements in the future will involve...

There are several reasons why elopements work, and if we’re all being honest, money is number one. Yes, you will save a lot of money, but how much? The Knot, one of the wedding industry leaders, said that the average cost of a wedding in Colorado in 2019 was $31,000. That number should scare you, at least a little. Another good reason is the amount of people in one place. While we have this COVID-19 virus going around, the safest place to be is home. That being said, when this passes for the most part and the government says we can all get back to our lives carefully, an elopement is one great way to be married without a lot of exposure to big groups.

As with Mallory and Brian’s elopement above, it was us five people. While this elopement happened long before this virus scare, it could easily happen now with the right precautions.

We have been present to a lot of elopements, and by that I mean somewhere in the two hundred range. The line is blurry because the term “elopement” can mean different things to different people. In our experience, what guests really want at a wedding is to have a great time with people they haven’t seen in a while. This brings me to my next point…

Why not elope, then just have a huge party when you get home?

(pssst! you will save thousands of dollars!)

Please read the words from Mallory. She and Brian wanted to be married somewhere with mountains, water, and a forest. They left it in our hands to help.

Joe and Kari, 

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ve been having the worst weekend/week of work ever so I haven’t had a chance to write you a proper email until today. We absolutely LOVE our photos and can’t stop looking at them. We love how you captured all the candid moments and different angles during our special moments. The photos really told the true story of that day and it’s such a gift to have these memories!

We both just can’t express how grateful we are and find it difficult to put into words how much these memories mean to us. You both have a love that just shines through, making it so easy for us just to be us on that day without worrying about the camera. Thank you for guiding us to both amazing locations! We got the adventure and intimacy we were dreaming of and the photos of us saying our vows are priceless. I had no idea both of your were running around like crazy to get those shots! They turned out amazing!!!

Thank you again for your work of art both behind the camera and in person. That day and the photos you captured go far beyond what we could of ever imagined. We had such a great time with both of you and feel we gained a friend in such a short journey, a rare find. We hope to keep in touch!

Mallory and Brian

The perfect day..

In our eyes, Mallory and Brian's day is a perfect testament to what an elopement could be. We had visited with them via email, nailed down a day and time to meet, drove to Bear Lake in RMNP, and let the day unfold flawlessly. Granted, the weather was good, the sun was in a good place, and a lot of other stars aligned, but we knew they would because of research looking ahead. Without prior knowledge of the area, sunset times, cloud cover times, and proper permitting, this would not have been as wonderful.

THIS is why you hire a team who knows the area and can get stunning images.

If you are interested in our work, thinking about eloping, or have questions, please reach out. We're willing to help however we can.

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