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Budir Wedding Photography : Joe Pyle Destination Wedding Photography

2016 was a very good year for us. Our wedding photography took us many places. We were able to meet a lot of wonderful brides and grooms who were starting their lives together. We traveled throughout Colorado, as well as some amazing places abroad. We often dream of traveling to various places to photograph. One of the places we’ve had on our radar to visit was Iceland. It’s a place that, as far as we knew, wasn’t quite a booming tourist location yet and we wanted to see it before it really “blew up”.


The Beginning : How it happened

Upon inquiring about our pricing and availability, it came up that Lindsey and Frank were interested in going to Iceland. Kari and I jumped on the chance to not only travel, but to shoot a wedding there! We worked out a deal with them, they booked us, and we all booked our flights! It was a dream come true for us. Sometimes when you see travel pictures they look very doctored and over saturated to “draw you in” and make you want to go there. All of the pictures that you see of Iceland online, either mine or just a simple Google search, are pretty much for real. It is magical in every way and we can’t wait to go back.  

The Weekend In Pictures

On November 12th, Lindsey and Frank were married at the Black Church at Búðír (pronounced Boo-deer) on the Snæfelsnes Peninsula, which is on the far west side of Iceland. We were so honored to be there with them over the course of three days to photograph and just “be” with this kind, thoughtful couple and their families. The pictures that follow are from their amazing wedding weekend in Iceland. Landscapes, animals, people, etc. We were super excited to spend several hours with them just being in the amazing Icelandic landscape. More after the pictures…

PS- there are a lot of pictures, mostly because this weekend was really a long, beautiful one. Please ask away with questions about Iceland, Budir, or really just anything else!

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Kari and I got to spend three full days with this amazing couple at Hotel Budir. Our time together consisted of eating amazing (amazing!) food, driving to fabulous landscapes to stop and photograph, and then relax with their great friends and family. It was an honor, to say the least. 

Thank you for visiting again. Please get in touch if you’re interested in a destination wedding to Iceland with us. We would love to work, play, and hang out with you.

Cheers, Joe and Kari