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An Estes Park wedding is very special and Bryon and Caitlin’s was certainly not the exception. They celebrated theirs on June 15th in a beautiful meadow just outside of town on the Fall River Hydro Plant property. F.O. Stanley built the hydro plant to power the famous Stanley Hotel in 1909. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Tall grasses, a deep colorful forest, and then Deer Mountain in the distance. It was stunning to see, for sure.

We were proud, honored, and humbled to photograph this great day. The images that came from it are a testament to the love and joy these two have for each other, their families, their friends, and their location in life. When two people enjoy life this much, a great wedding day is sure to unfold, and it did.

Bryon and Caitlin, you are truly special people. Kari and I are proud to have you in our lives and wish you the best on your journey together. If a person is solely judged by the company they keep, you two will make out in life just fine. It was an honor to be part of your day. Cheers!

For those who’ve stumbled on this blog through Bryon and Caitlin’s extensive “friend list”, or are just here by happy accident, enjoy. These two had a great day, as did everyone who attended.

Please tell your friends and family if you are in need of a photographer to be part of your day, and please share this on Facebook, Twitter, or just shout it from the mountain tops. There are plenty of them here! Thanks.