If you haven’t gathered this already, Kari and I love to photograph weddings. There are a million fantastic moments to catch with a camera. The bride getting ready. The groom getting ready. First looks. Details. The ceremony with all of it’s amazing opportunities. Portraits. Cutting the cake. First dances.

Then comes the actual party, some call it the reception.

For many, this is the part they all look forward to. Think about it this way: all day has been a bit tense. People are anxious and the nerves are a bit high sometimes, to say the least. There isn’t a better way to let all of that go than a ridiculously fun party. And some of these are real parties!

We love this part of the night. These times are always a thrill to photograph. We usually don’t use off camera flash for any other part of the night but this. Some of these can be found in our gallery, some of them are making their first appearance online. Enjoy!

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We’ve got some pretty great memories of these receptions, and we’ve made some pretty great friends along the way. Thanks for visiting again. Cheers.

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