adventure sessions

adventure sessions

Adventure Sessions

Experience what makes our adventure sessions unique.



Adventure sessions are meant to be a little dangerous, edgy, and “out there”. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If it weren’t for adventure our lives would be incredibly dull and being in a lifestyle with adventure feeds our souls. It builds us up and creates a sense of gratitude for our planet. If your way of escaping the mundane and normal is to seek adventure, then welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

The goal with our adventure sessions is to take people into a place that is amazing and let their emotions take over. It’s a perfect way to create images of real emotion. Introducing people to an adventure is one of the most fulfilling endeavors we’ve been part of, and Rocky Mountain National Park is the best place for adventure!

Who is this session meant for?

Anyone who loves to adventure together!

This can be for “after wedding photos”, couples sessions, anniversaries, and much more!


We are in “the park” riding bikes, running, rock climbing, hiking, and fishing more than two hundred days a year. What does that mean? It means we know the park really well. It’s a meaningful place to us and without our time there, our lives would be pretty dull. When you hire us for your adventure session you’re hiring a local, someone who knows about weather, timing, clouds, conditions, and where to go to get the best possible adventure session. What this translates to is that you’ll end up with amazing imagery from us. We love adventure and it is what drives us as people, photographers, parents, and business owners. Our work, life, and play revolve around the next adventure.

Our adventure sessions can take place wherever you wish, however you wish! We’re offering this to couples who want a little more for their time with us. While you’re hiking, climbing, and scrambling around together we’ll be taking pictures. The result is what you see in a lot of our galleries: candid, fun, adventurous pictures of couples in amazing locations.

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How adventure sessions work:

Get in touch via email or call
Set up a time to meet somewhere amazing
Drive together in our adventure van to a few locations
Create some amazing images with the sun, clouds, and mountains
Relax (this is the most important part) 
Drive back to your car for hugs and g'byes, then we part ways
Within a few weeks you'll have your photos on a gallery online to print and share from


We know that most people are not comfortable in front of a camera. This is why our adventure sessions are so popular, it’s not really about you. (well, it is but…) It’s about where you are and the beauty you add to the environment. It’s our goal to get you into a situation that takes your breath away. We will help you with the way you look without “posing” or much prompting. In your photos we want you to look natural, unposed, and most of all, comfortable. 

You’ll have two seasoned photographers, a password protected online gallery with all of the beautifully edited images, free digital downloads, and a trip to some amazing places- tailored just for you two.

If you two think that one of our adventure sessions look like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with the button below. It’s our pleasure to work with people who really want to get into the outdoors, go for a bit of a hike, and shoot some amazing landscapes.