5 MORE questions to ask your photographer


This is a follow up to a previous post about answering questions you may have for your wedding photographer.

[ezcol_2third]5 more questions to ask your photographer[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]Oh yes, there are (at least) 5 more questions to ask your photographer! Ten questions aren’t even enough. You should be throwing out a lot of questions to your photographer so that you can get a feel for how they operate, their structures, and just so you can have a connection. It’s important for us, too.[/ezcol_1third_end]

 6. Is an engagement session included in the price?

A lot of photographers will include a complimentary “E-session” with their package price. It may be beneficial to ask them for this or to ask if there would be a discount if you had an e-session with them and then hired them for your wedding as well. A lot more detail is given in the next question/answer.

7. We would just like engagement pictures. Do you do that?

Estes Park is a fantastic place to visit for engagement pictures and it makes sense that you may not come here for your wedding. There are families and friends to think about. It’s a great idea to book a wedding photographer for engagement pictures without booking them for your wedding yet. It gives you a way to understand each other and realize who you’re dealing with. If you end up thinking that the photos were just “so-so” then you can choose a different photographer. Always a good call! FYI, our eight hour wedding package comes with an engagement session, worth $300. If you don’t need engagement pictures and want us to shoot your eight hour wedding, we can shoot “other” photos for your collection that will be just as wonderful, or we could work something else out. Every situation is different, so just ask!

8. Who edits your images?

It is common practice, good or bad, that some photographers send their images away to be edited by someone else. This can cause some controversy because the photographer then has another cost to add on to the cost of the wedding package. In turn, this can also be very good for the photographer that has a lot of weddings throughout the year and doesn’t have time to sit down for 20-40 hours editing images. My take is this: It is my full time job to be a “professional” wedding photographer. (whatever “professional” means anymore??) I want to be present at each step of the process and have my hand in it, so I edit each photo that you receive. I enjoy it and to me it’s part of the job. Any photo that you see online by me has been edited by me. In the future I may change my mind, but for now I really dig it.

9. What is your “style” of photography?

There are many types of photography out there, and a lot of catch-phrases to define each. A lot of people would call themselves “photo-journalistic”, and I think that’s the trend now. People want a few of the posed shots with family, but really most people today want (what is now the biggest catch-phrase in photography) candids. They are what people ask for and want for their albums and pictures. This is the style of shooting that we do. We really enjoy being with the families and friends while they are doing their thing, and capturing it as it happens.

 10. Do you enjoy wedding photography?

This may sound a bit crazy to ask your wedding photographer but trust me, when you listen to their response you’ll see why I think it’s a relevant question. Wedding photography is very expensive. Many photographers will charge upwards of $10,000 per wedding. The “lure” of being a wedding photographer isn’t always that people love to be at weddings, it’s to make a lot of money. Asking your photographer this question isn’t rude, it’s right. They should love their work and it should show. The photographers that I know really love their work and being present at weddings.

There are probably dozens more to ask your wedding photographer, so keep asking. If you think I’ve missed any let me know. I’d love some input.