ymca of the rockies wedding

Few venues in the Estes Park area offer such amazing views for a wedding.

A YMCA of the Rockies Wedding is scenic and breathtaking. Being this far up on a mountainside is about as majestic as it gets.

Here in Estes Park we have many venues to be married, however very few of the venues here have a mountainside chapel with views like this. We’ve been privileged many times now to shoot weddings here and each one is stunning. The Continental Divide is the backdrop to this amazing space and the aspen trees light up in the fall, when most weddings happen here.

YMCA of the rockies wedding

 The Mountainside Lodge, a beautiful place to get ready for your wedding day!

On the national register of historic places, this lodge is a fantastic place to stay on your wedding weekend. Plenty of room, fantastic views in every direction, and a great balcony to relax on while waiting for family to arrive.

ymca of the rockies weddingAs you can see, it takes only a few steps to find amazing surroundings for pictures.

We are fortunate to have such beauty in about every direction here in the Estes Park area. Within a five minute drive, we can be in some pretty spectacular places. 







Our work takes us here to capture weddings often. We love it! It’s so close to home for us and each wedding is unique and beautiful.

Nothing tops a reception at the YMCA of the Rockies!

ymca of the rockies wedding


ymca of the rockies wedding Photography at the YMCA of the Rockies is fun!

Living so close to the YMCA is such a pleasure.Kari and I always look forward to shooting weddings here, mostly because people enjoy themselves, and the views are unlike any other in the area for sure! The staff knows how to take care of you and make sure your day goes smoothly, which in turn enables you all to relax and have a fun stay. 






We have the pleasure of living close to the YMCA of the Rockies and are incredibly honored each time we’re asked to shoot another wedding here. With all of the fantastic amenities they offer, it’s the perfect venue for your wedding and your friends and family’s stay.

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