wild basin lodge wedding photography

The Wild Basin Lodge is quite possibly the most charming of all of the venues near Estes Park.

Wild Basin Lodge weddings are special for many reasons.

Among the greatest reason is the actual lodge itself. The original structure was built in the early 1900’s, however a fire in 1980 caused the building to go under restoration and is now a premier luxury wedding destination. Recently they have changed the theme to solely a wedding venue and it’s no wonder why. It is the perfect place to be married if you want a full service venue. The staff knows how to take care of you and they do it all with a joy that shows you they love their work.

There are two outdoor venues for weddings. One is near the lodge itself with an “amphitheater” feel and great seating to take in the views of the stream, trees, and mountains.

The other venue is in the middle of a beautiful field with pines, aspens, and flowing grasses as the backdrop. To get here, you must walk about three hundred yards along a beautiful fencerow and stream.

wild basin lodge wedding photography

 The venue offers plenty of backdrops for amazing, memorable pictures.

There are several options to consider while you’re planning your wedding day at the Wild Basin Lodge. From the lodge I would encourage you to take the stroll down the walk, over the bridge to the venue at the other end of the acreage. Along this trail you’ll find pine and aspen trees, a babbling stream, and then the field that opens up to some amazing views of the Rocky Mountains.

At dusk, depending on the time of year, the sun filters through the sky in such a way that the term “golden hour” takes on a new meaning for everyone around, especially the bride and groom. As you can tell from the photo, it is one of the most romantic, beautiful times of day when they can get outside and really soak up the last bit of sun. This is one of our favorite times of the day, when we can get away for a little while and let the couple be together to photograph them. It is a much needed rest from an otherwise busy day.

wild basin lodge weddings

The attention to detail given by the staff is spectacular.

They are one of the most sought after venues for a lot of very good reasons. After visiting with you about your day, they know how to create a setting that is perfectly “you”. As rustic and charming as this place is, there is a modern feel throughout that is incredibly welcoming, and they do their best to keep your day moving smoothly without rushing anything. They really have a “feel” for how a wedding day should play out and they know how to tailor yours to keep you and your guests comfortable while still staying on task.

wild basin lodge weddings

Location, Location, Location!

We’ve had the honor of shooting weddings here several times now and we always look forward to them. Living here in Estes Park, we are very close to the venue and really appreciate that it is a bit out of the “busy-ness” of town but not far. The town of Estes Park is still just about 15 minutes away. It is also located at one of the entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park, so for people who are interested in getting out into nature and who appreciate spectacular hikes, streams, and mountains, this only adds to the many reasons to stay at the Wild Basin Lodge. 

 Feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding Wild Basin Lodge wedding photography and how we could help you.

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