We are both professional, full time photographers and creating amazing art is our passion. Both of us are lead photographers and we each have about half of the images on the site that you see. This is so much more than a hobby, a pastime, a thing to do on the side, a supplemental income, a way to afford good camera gear, or anything else. We have worked a lot of “jobs” in the past and we have found our “calling”, if that’s how you like to look at it. It’s what we love and we are constantly trying new, interesting ways to photograph.

We’ll never settle and while the style of our work will stay the same, our photography will continue to evolve. We’ll be one of the first to try out the latest tech to see if it fits with our style and what we want our clients to have as their memories. 


Most of our weddings and engagements are in Colorado and the surrounding states. However, we’ve traveled to Iceland, Cancun, Hawaii, France, and Italy, as well as all many of the United States for our work and we are ready to be there for you when and where you need us. Contact us here if you’re planning a destination wedding.


Your day is just that, your day. While there are a million things going on to be concerned about, wondering where your photographers are shouldn’t be one of them. We are with you all day, right by your side, waiting for things to happen that need remembered. This doesn’t mean crowding you or your guests, it means that we’re attentive to you. You are our primary subject for the day, and we want to make sure that you know where we are. Sure, there will be times when “Aunt Cindy” will want a picture of the elk or deer running around, but that’s why there are two of us. It’s our goal to be present with you for the entire day. By the end of the day we will have between four to six thousand images to edit and work with. We work very hard to make sure that your day will be remembered incredibly well.


If you have looked over our site, like our style of work, and are ok working with two crazy, fun, respectful, honest, and most of all professional photographers, please contact us. We would love to at least start a conversation with you and discuss options.

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