• Where are you located, and do you travel?

We live at 7500 feet in a beautiful mountain town called Estes Park, Colorado and we travel both here in the United States and internationally.

We’ve been to Cancun, Iceland, Italy, France, and Hawaii for our work and we would be willing to travel anywhere you need us. We offer discounts to places that are on our radar to get to anyway, so please ask away!

estes park wedding photographer

• Will you travel for an engagement session as well?

Yes! That sounds amazing! Please use the contact form and let us know more details.

What are your prices?

We want couples who want us. HERE is our page on pricing.

• Do you offer packages?

Since every wedding is different, we tailor each package to what you need. All of our weddings come with a private online gallery for you to view, print, share, and create from.

estes park wedding photographer

When will we get to see our pictures?

Within a few days, usually two or three, we’ll have a blog post up about your day to show your friends and family. Within six to eight weeks we’ll have the gallery ready for you!

• Do you send our photos away to be edited?

All of the pictures that you see are edited by us. We run them through a “batch edit” in Lightroom to get closer to where we like them, then go back in Lightroom and Photoshop to work them through until they have met our standards. This enables us to keep our prices lower and it keeps us accountable for every edited photo that you see.

Do you have a “second shooter”?

We are both professional, full time photographers and we shoot every wedding together. A second shooter would be disconnected from our style and our vision as a couple. The option to have Kari or I work by ourselves at a wedding usually is reserved for elopements and small weddings.

• Can we just hire one of you for the day?

Short answer, no. Most of the pictures that you see on our site are a collaboration of both of us. When I’m shooting, Kari is usually holding the flash and working angles. When Kari is shooting, I’m doing something that makes the image better too. Your pictures from your day would not be as artistic and well composed if just one of us shot it.

• Do you offer an engagement session as part of the wedding package?

We offer an engagement session at a 20% discount if you book an elopement or wedding of at least six hours with us.

• What is the typical wedding day coverage?

In order for us to capture everything about your day, we need to be there. While we do have packages that are less, eight hours is the minimum to be able to fully represent your wedding in pictures.

Your family and friends have come a long way to see you both be married. Some weren’t able to. A full day of wedding coverage lets all of the people you love see how your day unfolded.

estes park wedding photographer

• What is your “style” of photography? 

There are a lot of buzzwords about “style” these days. Our work is basically a representation of what your day looked like from start to finish. We only pose people when we need to, and 98% of the pictures you’ll have in the gallery will be candid, beautiful images of your day.

Do you offer videography?

Photography and videography are two completely different disciplines and we only photograph. To learn and be good at videography would take away from our time with photography.

Can we edit the pictures ourselves?

Short answer? No, not without written permission.

 Meeting in person isn’t really an option for us, can we meet somehow?

Most of the people that we have photographed do not live within a driving distance to have a glass of wine or coffee with. We are very willing to meet online.

True stories: We booked a client while we were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina fishing and surfing. We were in a small gift shop that was connected to a pier. We booked another client from our van, working from a mountain biking trip in Moab Utah. While we were in Cancun on a wedding shoot, we visited with clients who booked us for their destination wedding in Iceland.

Do we arrange your travel?

We will arrange all of it. If you have certain questions or concerns about our travel, get in touch.

• How will you be dressed on our wedding day?

Since we are not in any of the pictures, we will be wearing black or gray, with stylish comfort in mind.

estes park wedding photographer

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