The Estes Park Resort on Lake Estes is one of the premier wedding venues in the Estes valley. They were listed as a 2014 The Knot Best Of Weddings destination. If you’re thinking about planning an Estes Park Resort Wedding, you better get in touch soon, their calendar fills up fast! We’ve shot several weddings here at the Estes Park Resort and each one is special. From a photographer’s perspective, it is an amazing place to be married.

The picture below is the venue from across the lake in the night. It is by far the most illuminated and welcoming place on Lake Estes. Kari and I like to take walks around the lake and stop into the Waterfront Grill for a glass of wine. The views from the balcony of the surrounding lake and mountains are beautiful and every time we shoot a wedding here we are blown away. The kindness of the staff and the location of the venue make it a perfect place in Estes Park for a wedding day.

the estes park resort wedding photography

The view from where your vows are said is breathtaking.

Everyone in attendance can enjoy the mountains and Lake Estes from where they sit. The feeling of being present in the mountains is felt from every direction. This is a wonderful place for us, as photographers, to work. Being outside is usually great for photos because the light is generally good here. We have over 300 days of sun per year and that translates to good light for the most part.

An Estes Park Resort wedding and all of the days surrounding it will be memorable.


The Pavilion sits right on the lake itself and is an amazing place to be married.

With the Continental Divide in the background and Long’s Peak looming over the south side of town, it’s no wonder Estes Park is one of the top wedding destinations in the United States. People continually come here to get married, then honeymoon, then bring their families. It’s a wonderful, never ending cycle that get’s passed down through the generations. 

the estes park resort wedding photography

the estes park resort wedding photography


The event room is always decked out exactly how the bride and groom want it to be. The staff will tailor your day to your personality and they won’t quit until you’re happy. Brides continually give the Estes Park Resort high marks for their caring, professional attention. Rightfully so.

The attention to detail in the event room is tops.

This is the perfect compliment to a day spent in the mountains. We have shot many weddings here and each one is unique, beautiful, and emotional. How could it not be with views like these? The people who are employed here want exactly what you want- the best possible day for your wedding. This equates to a good day for everyone!

Happy bride = happy group = happy day = happy photographers = great photos!

the estes park resort wedding photography

the estes park resort wedding photographyAs wedding photographers we love this place.

The people who are in charge of the weddings here really care. They know how to decorate, provide service, and really understand what a couple wants in a venue. From our perspective, this couldn’t be better. People who understand brides are tops in our book! It totally helps ease the day when the bride is happy. Let’s not forget about the actual venue! There are plenty of rooms for the whole family, the Waterfront Grill has some super tasty food, and the place is located right on Lake Estes! It really is a perfect fit for groups who want to spend a few days together for the wedding.

We are proud to be on the preferred vendor list here at the Estes Park Resort and have a great relationship with the staff. On your list of places to check out, please make this resort a priority to see how they can meet your needs.

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