Black Canyon Inn Wedding Photographer

Black Canyon Inn weddings are like no other, for many reasons. Close to town, tucked away on a mountainside, and with a fantastic overlook of Lumpy Ridge, in Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are looking for a romantic, cozy place to be married in Estes Park, look no further.

Black Canyon Inn Wedding Photographer

Fantastic backdrops!

Giant boulders, aromatic pines, a pond with an island, and a pavilion with an amazing view of Lumpy Ridge. These are just a few of the fantastic amenities to enjoy while you stay at the Black Canyon Inn for your wedding. This place is a photographer’s dream. There are majestic pines, house sized boulders, and massive expanses to choose from for backdrops. 

Black Canyon Inn Wedding Photographer

Amazing views!

The pavilion sits just to the north of the complex and it has some amazing views of the Lumpy Ridge mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park is sometimes windy and the folks here have made the pavilion a pretty safe, comfortable place for everyone involved in your wedding day.





Black Canyon Inn weddings are, and will continue to be, fantastic. The staff knows how to take care of you and really tries hard to understand your needs on your day and the days leading up to your wedding. Everything you need is right there, too. Aside from being one of the best places to be married, it also is a great place for all of your guests to stay too! The Twin Owls Steakhouse serves up some pretty fine dining and there is a pool on the grounds to cool off if you need to. 

We are proud to be on the preferred vendor list here and if you have any questions about this or any other venue in the area, please let us know by contacting us!

You are welcome to call (319) 325-3875

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